The scope of digital technology and transformation in 2023

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Posted on: 19/01/2023

Digital technology and transformation in 2023 is already looking to be a dramatic year. As more businesses look to advance their services, digital transformation and technologies will be the first thing to look at.

As technology becomes smarter, and more nuanced within each sector; how that technology changes an industry will vary. For many businesses, sitting on the side lines and watching the game play out isn’t always going to be beneficial.

Those who strike first are the ones who have been playing the digital game longer. The more you learn and understand about the upcoming technologies, and the sooner you implement them, the better you will be positioned to take up prime market share.

New technologies in 2023

There are many new technologies that will take over during 2023. The most recent one we have all been hearing about is ChatGPT, a new AI software that can do it all. Or at least give you the data to do it all. Its ease of use is making quite a stir in the digital world.

Another win for AI in 2023 as Deeptech continues to evolve and make an appearance. This technology refers to scientific research and tech advances with solutions and applications, a fancy way of saying learning AI. This type of AI can be used to learn about the many social issues and economical issues and provide potential solutions.

Evolution of online banking tools will continue. With more people using digital banking it’s no wonder that technology will continue to advance through smart devices and more. Integrating multiple financial services with digital technology will become standard.

Finally, the newest in technology is something a little closer to home. Many businesses have moved from on site software to cloud based systems. Cloud based computing has offered businesses the flexibility they need. However, with more demand comes higher risks. The new technological solution comes in the form of Edge computing. This emerging technology is designed to combat some of the shortcomings of cloud computing. Bypassing the latency found in high demand cloud based system, Edge works on the “edge” of the technology. Closer to where the processes actually happen in the form of a mini data centre but not in the traditional on site systems of old.

How can technology help your business in 2023?

Digital technology can help you build and grow your business in 2023. By embracing technology early, you can utilise the advances and become the leading competitor in your field.

When you accept the new technology you will be leading your industry in technological advancements; this will allow you to offer more services or better services to your clients.

Grow, scale, and improve your business by taking advantage of the new technologies available to you. Think competitively and broaden your horizons to new ways to do business.

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How will new technology impact digital transformation in 2023?

New technologies will impact digital transformation in a few key ways. The first will be how digital transformation agencies will adopt new technologies. This will allow companies like Tratech to offer improved digital transformation systems. Which will help you as a business remain ahead of the curve.

Another way new technologies will impact digital transformation will be how much can be personalised within the technology. More advancements to digital transformation and technology as a whole offers more options and customisation. This means that digital transformation companies truly offer your business unique systems to transform your business.

Each year the tech industry is inundated with updates and new advancements. The main difference in 2023 is how many people are taking advantage of the new technology. Looking at digital transformation early on in the year can help you evolve your business and provide your clients with the services they need and are now expecting.

Don’t leave your business trapped in a time capsule while the rest gain traction, contact Tratech to see how we can help you harness the power of digital transformation.