The Role of Business Analysis in Project Management

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Posted on: 24/08/2022

In the ever-changing world of technology, there are many roles businesses will need to account for. Introducing a Business Analyst is something that should be done periodically, this will enable a better understanding of the current situation as well as identifying improvement opportunities either by introducing new, or adjusting existing processes and technologies.

Knowing who to trust, where to begin, and what they can do for you is the beginning of the journey. It is always important to speak with any potential Business Analyst in order to understand their methods of working and how they can work with you. 

What is a Business Analyst?  

A Business Analyst (abbreviated to BA) is a person responsible for assisting with the implementation of and improvement of processes, products, services, and software through the in-depth analysis of the business. Sitting between IT and business professionals, a BA helps create a bridge to improve efficiency.

How do they help project management?  

A BA will help in project management by assessing the data and processes a business has, they will then strategically assess the information and help provide various solutions which can help guide a project. Having the information a Business Analyst will be able to glean from business processes and systems early on, will ultimately help keep a project moving. Not only will it help propel the project forward, but it will also help businesses understand what is fiscally as well as technologically possible.

Not all Project managers will have the capacity to understand all IT solutions, having a person or business who is able to provide that bridge will ensure that no stone is left unturned and decisions are made on real data. 

How can a Business Analyst benefit my business? 

A Business Analyst can benefit your business in many ways. They deliver data-driven insights that can help strategically assess a business’s effectiveness, as well as provide potential solutions on how to improve. Many businesses can benefit from yearly analysis, having this check on a regular basis can ensure that the solutions available to you are being fully utilised, or offer potential solutions on how to shift technologically to best serve your company. 

When should I consider using a Business Analyst?

There are many times you may consider using a Business Analyst. Typically, the most beneficial times to use one would be before any big changes in your business or industry. Having someone expertly comb through the data and processes you currently have and then analyse all the collected data to provide you with a truly strategic overview of the solutions on offer will be most beneficial. 

Working with a BA before implementing a new project, as well as during will also help the project run smoothly as the information they provide will be beneficial to the Project Manager. 

Having someone who understands the technologies that are available and how they can be implemented and integrated within your current setup, will make a huge difference. Working with an individual will enable you to create a business relationship that is built on trust and knowledge with an end-user focus for solutions.

Here at Tratech, we provide a holistic approach to Business Analysis and Digital Transformation. Working with you to provide the best solution for you and your business, and enabling you to get the most out of the systems and technologies available to you. 

Our approach is tailored to suit you and your needs. As each industry is different, so is each business and its values and requirements. We work with you to understand those values and help implement technologies and systems that work with you and your end users. Contact us now to see how we can help.