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Team Augmentation

At Tratech Consulting we utilise staff augmentation strategically and efficiently to align closely with our clients' business objectives. By providing specialised and experienced professionals to enhance in-house teams, we ensure that our clients can achieve rapid progress in various technology transformation, design, implementation, and ongoing support projects.

Let's delve deeper into how we utilise team augmentation and why it has become increasingly favoured, its compatibility and the advantages it brings to our clients.


What is Team Augmentation?

Team augmentation is the process of integrating external developers into an existing team. This can mean:

Bringing in a single expert to fill a skill gap.

Assembling a remote team that collaborates seamlessly with your staff.

Benefits of Team Augmentation for Your Business:

Capacity Boost:

Augmenting your team increases its efficiency and output, ensuring project timelines are met.

Expertise Influx:

With specialized professionals, tackle project complexities head-on.

Skill Gap Solution:

Avoid lengthy hiring processes by immediately filling your team's skill gaps.

Support and Knowledge Share:

External experts bring fresh perspectives and problem-solving prowess.

Project Flexibility:

Augmenting is ideal for managing long-term projects or handling multiple projects simultaneously.


Whether short-term assistance or long-term collaboration, augmentation fits various project durations.

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"I think it is fair to say that commitment, knowledge, habits, and experience were contributing factors for the success of programs.

I like Matt's reflective way to take ideas on and assess their pros and cons without initial bias, which in my opinion is one of the success factors for innovation"


"Matthew was well-trusted for his expert advice and his technical ability. On numerous occasions, Matthew was able to make the difference between ok project delivery and excellent project delivery.

With Matthew's help over 2,000 sites are trading successfully with the new software."

A. Baker

Why Opt for Staff Augmentation?

Access to Specialised Skills:

Some projects require specialised expertise that might not be available within the existing in-house team. Staff augmentation allows businesses to quickly access professionals with specific skills and knowledge to fill these gaps. This ensures that the project receives the necessary expertise without the delays and costs associated with traditional hiring.

Flexibility and Scalability:

Business projects often have fluctuating resource needs. Staff augmentation provides the flexibility to scale the team size up or down based on the project's current requirements. This adaptability allows businesses to efficiently manage their resources, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.


Business projects often have fluctuating resource needs. Staff augmentation provides the flexibility to scale the team size up or down based on the project's current requirements. This adaptability allows businesses to efficiently manage their resources, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.


Faster Time-to-Market:

In fast-paced industries, time-to-market can be a critical factor for success. Staff augmentation allows businesses to quickly onboard skilled professionals who can start contributing immediately. This acceleration in project progress helps businesses stay competitive and seize market opportunities promptly.

Knowledge Transfer and Learning Opportunities:

Integrating specialised professionals into the in-house team through staff augmentation provides a valuable learning experience for existing staff. The augmented team members bring fresh perspectives, best practices, and innovative ideas that can lead to knowledge transfer and improved skills among the existing team.

Risk Mitigation:

Over-reliance on outsourced teams or the absence of critical skills in the in-house team can pose risks to project success. Staff augmentation reduces these risks by providing stable and experienced professionals who can adapt to changing project requirements and mitigate potential disruptions.


Enhanced Quality of Output:

Augmented teams often comprise experts in their respective fields. Leveraging their expertise can significantly improve the quality of project deliverables, leading to higher client satisfaction and improved project outcomes.

Seamless Integration:

Our staff augmentation process involves carefully selecting professionals who can seamlessly integrate into the client's existing team and work culture. This ensures a smooth collaboration between the augmented team and the in-house staff, fostering a cohesive and efficient working environment.

Focus on Core Competencies:

By outsourcing certain tasks to augmented teams, businesses can free up their in-house resources to focus on core competencies and strategic initiatives. This division of labour allows for greater specialisation and efficiency in project execution.

Increased Productivity:

With access to additional skilled resources, businesses can increase productivity and achieve project milestones faster. The augmented team can handle specific tasks or project phases, relieving the burden on the core team and optimising overall project timelines.


Instead of offering one-size-fits-all solutions, we carefully assess the unique requirements and challenges faced by each client.

A key aspect of staff augmentation is the ability to provide tailored solutions to address specific business objectives. This is why we hand-pick specialists from our pool of talented business analysts, data analysts, project and program managers, and digital transformation experts who possess the expertise that aligns precisely with our client's needs. This targeted approach ensures that the augmentation team can focus on delivering results that directly contribute to the client's goals.

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