How to revolutionise your business operations.

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Posted on: 05/07/2023

Looking back to move forward with your operations

2023…the year of geopolitical turmoil, the AI revolution, cost-of-living challenges, increased taxes and growing inflation. And we’re only 7 months in! How can businesses be positive about what comes next? There is a seemingly never-ending stream of negativity that comes from customers, media, government and pretty much everywhere else you look.

But there are so many factors which influence how your business operates and now it’s time to dig deep, get in the trenches and find that glint of opportunity, that chance to re-evaluate and to evolve.

Evolving your business

The doom and gloom start to this piece is not intended to add to the plethora of negativity being spouted from every corner, but more to highlight that there are always varying conditions under which businesses need to operate. 

Let’s think back. It wasn’t that long ago when companies were forced to digitise so that they could survive in a purely online environment AND come up with unique ways in which they could still service their customers. In an unprecedented situation, some companies thrived (Zoom, Deliveroo and UberEats), some struggled but got through and a lot of businesses closed the doors. But what links all three outcomes is the ability to evolve. 

Empowering your employees with streamlined operations

The ability to evolve stems from a fundamental business foundation of agility. An organisation’s ability to be able to react quickly because they know they have robust internal processes; they know how their people work and the capabilities of their internal technology. Couple that with a product offering that a customer needs (let’s not talk about PPE) and that business will crack the market.

But what happens if you don’t have a handle on your processes (and in our experience, most businesses don’t). What if you don’t know in detail what your people are doing or perhaps your technology is outdated? If any one of these is misaligned, then you may struggle to get to the best outcomes.

You want to ensure that your people are following the same processes to make support and performance management easier. You also want your people to be engaged and performing at the highest level. If you have a streamlined set of processes, where you empower your employees to achieve, to provide feedback for you to improve and to act on that, you have developed a culture which will see you excel. 

Supporting your Operational Transformation

That’s where Tratech Consulting comes in. We specialise in Operational Transformation. We take a completely unbiased view of your business and, leveraging our own unique brand of CSI techniques, can provide recommendations to improve one, two or several areas of the business. Be prepared for some hard truths and be prepared to act on the recommendations. We’re not the type of consultancy that says ‘yes’ to everything because we want you to succeed and be the best that you can be and sometimes it takes some tough love.

Operational Transformation can be as straightforward as tweaking a single process to unleash the capabilities of your employees or as complex as a complete overhaul of all of your business processes, restructuring your team and upgrading your technology. Whatever the scale, we will be there to help you every step of the way. Contact us today.