​​Why Are Businesses Going
Through Digital Transformation?

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Posted on: 08/06/2022

Technology is moving forward at a rapid pace and businesses are having to go through continuous digital transformations just to keep up with the market, let alone with their competitors. If they don’t, they risk being left lagging behind by the demands coming from their increasingly technology-literate customer base. The ways in which consumers interact with retail businesses are evolving, external factors such as sustainability are more important now than ever before, and as such, many will be looking to transform their operations by implementing digital technologies, be that streamlining internal processes, improving the supply chain or innovating on customer sales channels. 

Beyond the evolution of technology, the way we live and communicate has changed over time. As advanced technology has become more embedded in our lives, so it is becoming more prominent in businesses. Those who do not adapt and move ahead with new advancements may face knock-on effects which are detrimental to their business success.

What is digital transformation?

Simply put, digital transformation (abbreviated as DX) is the adoption of digital technologies in the workplace. Common reasons for applying new digital technologies can be to improve processes, increase efficiency, or to add value to services. Digital transformation doesn’t have to be scary and complex; it can be as simple as implementing a new piece of software or a new app.

 How can you drive forward digital transformation in your business?

 You can drive digital transformation forward in your business in several ways. Planning will be paramount to the successful integration of digital technologies. Working with the right company that understands your industry and business requirements will also allow you to move forwards with digital transformation. Beyond that, knowing what systems you need to implement, and their individual capabilities will help you gain real results from your technology.

Digital transformation doesn’t happen without the end-users. It’s human nature to resist change, especially when businesses implement automated processes that used to be human-driven. People fear for their jobs and therefore put barriers in the way of successful implementation. But DX can open new avenues, bring more value add to the business and allow more forward-thinking and innovation.

Ensure you take the time to research and understand each application and any automation. Pushing digitalisation in the wrong places of your business will ultimately lead to a failing system and wasted expenses, when in actuality, that particular system wasn’t the right one for your needs. Driving a real digital transformation in your business won’t happen overnight, so take time and plan accordingly. Manage the expectations of the leaders and ensure communication across all channels is clear.

 What are the benefits of digital transformation?

There are many benefits of digital transformation. When used correctly, digital technologies can help bolster current business processes; automate outdated processes and provide cleaner lines of communication or systems within the day-to-day business operation.

Introducing technology in your business can free up time for your employees to better serve your customers or business. For example, when introducing software, standard emails that are sent on a regular basis containing the same information can be automated. Alternatively, support from AI can provide a strong basis for your business to build upon. Having the structure there ready for you allows you to customise your solutions to the client you are serving.

At Tratech we value a holistic approach to technology. Investing in where the digital processes are going to help you grow your business and streamline your processes will ultimately be the most beneficial. Digital transformation for the sake of digital transformation is not an ideal basis to improve services or systems. Contact us now to see how we can help you drive forward digital transformation in your business.