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IT Consultancy That Puts The End-User At The Heart Of The Process

Streamline processes by focusing on what matters most—your users. Make technology serve your business goals.

At Tratech, we want to break the mold on how consultancy is done. We align technology with your business goals, ensuring IT enhances rather than controls your transformation plans. We concentrate on what's best for the end-user, making sure your choices evolve the essential processes of your business.

Successful digital transformation begins with operational transformation. It lays the groundwork to ensure that any changes made will be effective for end-users resulting in well-implemented, seamless business operations.

Are you ready to put end-users at the heart of your transformational journey?

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What We Do

We recognise the pressure on transformational leaders to reduce costs, drive growth, and overhaul legacy systems while consistently improving customer experience. Our expertise are particularly valuable in addressing:

Cost reduction, efficiency & process improvement.

Upgrading technology and eliminating outdated systems.

Enhancing customer UX to meet modern demands and expectations.

Transforming company culture from archaic to agile and innovative.

Overcoming the internal resource gap and preparing for market disruptors.

Operational Excellence as the Foundation for Digital Success

Delivering Transformation

Tratech specialises in creating a solid operational base, enabling a seamless digital transformation:

Efficiency Optimisation:

Dramatically reducing manual tasks and streamlining processes to unlock productivity and growth.

Cultural Evolution:

Shifting your company culture to one that is agile, innovative, and prepared for future challenges.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Utilising insights and analytics to inform strategies that genuinely impact your bottom line.

Why Tratech Stands Apart

Our strategy is built on a foundation of agility, personalisation, and a forward-thinking mindset.

Agile and Nimble:

Quick adaptation to changing landscapes, ensuring your business stays ahead.

Personable and Supportive:

We provide a personal touch, tailoring our solutions to your unique needs.

Disruptive Innovation:

Challenging traditional models to offer better, more efficient solutions.

Reliability and Excellence:

A proven track record of delivering transformative results with integrity and precision.

Case Study

Learn About How We Do Things

A major fuel retailer wanted to upgrade their global estate by implementing a large scale programme of work to replace the pump, in-store and head office software with full integration to those forecourts which were unmanned.
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From our clients...


"I think it is fair to say that commitment, knowledge, habits, and experience were contributing factors for the success of programs.

I like Matt's reflective way to take ideas on and assess their pros and cons without initial bias, which in my opinion is one of the success factors for innovation."M. Kreiger - BP


"Matthew was well-trusted for his expert advice and his technical ability. On numerous occasions, Matthew was able to make the difference between ok project delivery and excellent project delivery.

With Matthew's help over 2,000 sites are trading successfully with the new software."

A. Baker - Royal Dutch Shell

"The Tratech team has done a fantastic job for us on our latest contract with West Sussex County Council. Providing digital transformation consultancy, business analysis, and lean process engineering.

I'd recommend them to anyone looking to go through this type of transformational journey."

A. Arnell - Rebellion Marketing

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