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As companies start to look at a post-COVID world, the way in which consumers engage with your business have shifted dramatically. Most companies have had to implement some form of digital presence to survive, but for some it was reactionary to circumstances rather than well planned.

If you need someone to help you analyse your results, offer advice on what to do next or maybe you have struggled to get the transformation going at all, Tratech experts can help ensure you are successful.

Business Analysis
Business Discovery
Change Management
Team Augmentation


Are you looking to implement a new solution which requires migration of data between your legacy system and your nice and shiny new system? You have probably heard the saying “Rubbish In, Rubbish Out” so be careful about bringing across any out of date or redundant data!

We have delivered ETL processes for some of the biggest retailers in the world, ensuring accurate data extraction, supporting businesses with data cleansing and automating ways of importing.

We can also help advise on data platforms, product master data solutions and support master data management.

Solution Integration
Robotics Process Automation
AI & Machine Learning
Digital Transformation


A good BA is worth their weight in gold to your business. They can ask the questions that you don’t feel you can, they offer a different perspective on the world and then they can help you on the journey to see it for yourself.

Our BA’s are very experienced in capturing both functional and non-functional requirements and then turning them into deliverables, both from a business process and technical perspective.

​We can help with pre-sales engagements, working with your delivery teams to organise JIRA or Azure DevOps backlogs, process mapping and a whole lot more.

Data Quality Consulting
Data Governance Consultancy
Data Migration Consultancy
Data Analysis Consultancy

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