Global Furniture and Food Company

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This project was created as part of a global modernisation program which had the primary objectives of providing an integrated solution to the stores and deliver on the company’s mission to drive sustainability within the supply chain. 

The organisation had already taken strides to monitor their operations with the aim of reducing waste and providing a more transparent supply chain to its end users. The delivery of technology within the stores was the next logical yet ambitious step in the process of modernisation.


Utilising Luminate Store Operations from Blue Yonder, the company looked to improve its in-store co-worker operations, reducing delivery times, introducing automated ordering as well as integrating the stores into the supply chain. 

The company worked closely with Blue Yonder to drive efficiency in an improved mobile application, evolving a historically desktop-oriented solution. 

Being experts in the Luminate Store Operation solution, we played a key role in supporting the implementation of the product, contributing to the design and construction of the accompanying app, challenging the requirements and being a key driver in the development processes.



We helped put the product in place and worked on the design and construction of the app. We supported the development processes in Blue Yonder, focusing on the crucial software engineering elements needed.

We also gave guidance to the retailer, providing insights and advice throughout the process.

We guided the business users, sharing insights on best practices and helping navigate the complexities of the integration process.


Numerous challenges surfaced throughout the project—highly complex integrations, issues with data governance across departments, and unexpected inclusions of departments beyond the project's initial scope.


The implementation of the product delivered results that were impressive. Receiving products and putting them away was significantly reduced, and products were integrated smoothly into the stores.

The food preparation process became much more efficient, and co-workers appreciated the improvements. The effort required to submit an order was reduced and the overall integration made various operations simpler.


The system successfully went live, and it was a positive change. Everything is operating smoothly and flowing seamlessly. The product has the potential for ongoing evolution and improvement over time.

Ordering from suppliers became much easier, eliminating the need for duplicate efforts. Tasks like figuring out what’s needed, placing phone orders, and manual data entry were streamlined. This reduction in duplication made stock counts approximately 50 to 60% faster.

In summary, we played a crucial role in launching the system, contributing support as part of a collaborative team effort.

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