ACC Aviation

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The ACC Aviation project presented a significant level of complexity. Originally conceived as a documentation effort for integrating two CRMs, HubSpot and Sugar CRM, it evolved into a role where we not only supported the integration but also took charge of its implementation. 

Over a span of approximately three months, we collaborated closely with ACC Aviation, ensuring the successful implementation of the integration within the company’s operations.


Our contributions extended beyond the technical aspects, as we offered valuable advice on optimising the business processes. Identifying and addressing technical challenges, we worked to leverage native connectors to enhance the overall benefits for the client. 

Additionally, our involvement included collaborating on refining their processes, determining necessary fields, distinguishing between mandatory and optional elements, and devising efficient methods for transferring data between different systems and teams involved in managing these systems.


Our solution was to establish a bi-directional connection between HubSpot and Sugar, accompanied by thorough technical documentation. Implementing the integration wasn’t an overwhelmingly complex task, but it marked a crucial step forward.


The project encountered challenges primarily related to the connector and its functionalities. This required additional development by Sugar to overcome certain limitations. The documentation of the native connectors and their functionalities was not sufficiently clear.
This lead to a significant amount of trial and error, thorough investigation, and extensive research into the intricacies of the connector. This phase involved a dynamic process of exploration and problem-solving to ensure a comprehensive understanding.


The client has experienced significant benefits by gaining a unified perspective of both their existing customer base and potential customers. This has empowered them to develop more accurate and targeted component marketing campaigns. 


Notably, insights identified through sales and business development efforts are seamlessly shared with the marketing team in an integrated fashion. This approach ensures a smoother flow of the quality of data between the two systems, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency.

The result of this project is that they have seamlessly integrated and are actively utilising it in their daily operations, experiencing success with the implemented solution.

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